Juga NYC

Juga NYC. The Next Korean Upscale Lounge.

Juga, which translates to ‘drinking house’ in Korean, occupies the second floor of KRISTALBELLI and boasts its own menu of small bites and hand-crafted cocktails, as well as a private, lavish karaoke room. The energy and glamour of Juga at KRISTALBELLI is the perfect venue for private events, post-work drinks, or a night on the town with friends. Juga, like KRISTALBELLI, attracts only the most beautiful New Yorkers. The space, along with the adjoining karoke room, has already become a go-to spot for A-list celebrities and socialites to let loose, with clientele including Academy Award winner Leornardo DiCaprio, Guns and Roses drummer Matt Sorum, Supermodel Erin O’Connor, Sports Illustrated Model Kenza Fourati, DJ Cory Kennedy and actress Byrdie Bell. 

Upcoming Juga Events

kove PARTY.jpg

Hello everyone, we are having a private event on the Friday 31st, 2014 hosted by MJ and Kove of KOVRA party and is closed for a public. Sorry for the inconvenience. THANK YOU !!!

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